African Spring

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"Nothing can replace the immediacy of the past as transmitted by earthworks, cultured spaces, and the life enhancing models that presence ingenuity of the City of Man - the ultimate project of civilisation" Wole Soyinka




In 2013 Stallan-Brand worked with Nobel Laurette Professor Wole Soyinka on a commission in Africa for the design of a new university. The project, African University of Creative Arts (AUCA), was unique in its ambition. 




'The more I read and learned of African art the more I thought that I had learned about the world in reverse. If I had started life studying the concepts embedded in African art before any other area in my education as an architect and artist I believe I would have had a better grasp of not only the world of art but also of human nature, sustainability, mathematics, in fact everything. African art is a refection of the world in its simplest most beautiful form'. Paul Stallan