Weather Forms

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Stallan-Brand presented a major exhibition in Scotland's Centre for Architecture called Weatherforms. Not only did the show profile key projects by the studio, it also detailed a philosophical commitment to champion an architecture borne of climate, place and culture. 


"Scottish practice Stallan-Brand present art and architectural works that explore ‘how our place on earth defines us’ challenging the popular idea that ‘people make places’ by demonstrating that they in fact make us."


"Our weather shapes everything in our world; our psyche, our homes, our fashion, our architecture, our culture … weather is an omnipresent force”.


“Weather Forms exhibition celebrates a contemporary architecture borne from a Scottish sensibility and place that has application internationally. Stallan-Brand are interested in a sublime and climatic architecture inspired by unique locations wherever they might be. “


“Our exhibition stands as a critique against the widespread generic and thoughtless architecture the world over.“